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“0 to 100” Freestyle song lyrics are written by Joell Ortiz

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Selected song name: “0 to 100” Freestyle
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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Ay yo, your man got work?
Damn man, nah my n***a ain't got sh*t either man
The f**k going on out here man?

I go 0 to 100 n***a real quick
Keep it 100 man and 0 n***a, real sh*t
Like my favorite white girl went on a field trip
Can't nobody find her, when they do, that b*t*h is real hit
And they're still trynna charge a n***a 43
I mean 43, c'mon dog, this is me
My man said he's doin' a little special 38
Sell me that shake and bake, you'll meet my special .38
I don't play, I'm on the grind boy
Why the f**k y'all think I rhyme, when I wanna rhyme boy?
A n***a take his time boy
My boy is a Nine boy
Coffee grinds stamped rubber band
Grab a coffee , fiends spend their stamps
I'm poppin' rubber bands
House Boy, you ain't never leave the house boy
I'm out here with my gang
I ain't talking about the house boy
But they got some sh*t in common
Both rap n***as - some rhymin' some embalming
We can do it n***as
That language you tryin' talk
I speak it fluent, n***as
I'm in Ruth Chris with some ruthless n***as
They know they way around beef
Young gunners, like homey that used to stay around me
From the slums bro, don't be confused by the dumb flow
I still wire money down south to them gun shows
I just been sitting back, watching
Loading up a clip, pullin a fifth back, c*ckin'
Preparin' to feel like kickback
Plottin' on takin' my city back
All that chit-chat, stoppin'
Move left, disrespect, f**k a who's next?
Once I get to airin', all I care about who's left
Man, you lookin' at that powder
Rap's purest form, no soda no flour
Don't nobody want it one on one
Homey I'm a one of one
You all f**ked up like a 1-0-1
Have my dog spot you like 101
Dot you with one, then drop you like summer buns
Don't fall back now, thought you wanted some
This is good sex to me
A whole bunch of f**king fun
Man, I do this with my eyes closed
I be on that pyrex with nothin' but that pyro
I ain't frontin' n***a, real sh*t
Yesterday I bought 500, n***a, real quick
Oh Lord, they like, 'why you still a hustler?
Same reason NBA n***as be at Rucker
A n***a love the game, real sh*t
I go from zero to a hundred, n***a
Real quick, real quick