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100 Million Dreams song lyrics are written by Gilbere Forte

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Selected song name: 100 Million Dreams
Singer Name: Gilbere Forte
Lyrics written by: Gilbere Forte

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I ain't stopping till I'm back up in it
I ain't dropping and my cash unlimited
I ain't Pac, then what the f**k y'all sniffing?
I been mopping all the tracks I'm hitting
Beating it in all my featureless, freaking like I'm in a beef
With 'em and they believe the kid's a f**king egotist
Because I'm secretive about my weaknesses
Yeah, I don't gotta be shy, talk sh*t, I don't gotta reply
V-Neck on, I don't gotta be sly, I'm a man motherf**ker
I don't gotta be fly, I don't gotta keep buying
The economy dying baby, I'mma be fine, wanna keep firing
Then I'mma retire like I'mma chief, tired and give y'all the peace sign
Profiterize, I'mma monopolize all the bullsh*t that you done popularized
Get up out the way or get hospitalized, there's a monster inside
These are Godzilla's eyes, hit 'em with a shotgun and fire
I don't play the victim, it's nice to ya side
Better get it rocking like a mosh pit and die
Than the middle of the stage and the crowd getting live
In the side of the room by the bleachers, me first
Everybody get an ether, beat up and they gon' be hurt
Like they trying to get a uretha out of a urethra
Pete arms, you can bet I'mma beast ya, we off on the mother that you reach for
Forget it, I'mma dead 'em, I ain't sending 'em to heaven
I'mma send 'em to the Devil so they can meet ya

A 100 million, 100 million, a 100 million dreams
A 100 million, 100 million, a 100 million more
A 100 million, 100 million before I die
A 100 million, 100 million, a 100 million dreams
A 100 million, 100 million, a 100 million more
A 100 million, 100 million, maybe now because tomorrow never dies

I get paper, I don't even stress, I f**k b*t*hes I ain't even met
I get busy, I don't even sweat, I don't sleep so I don't need a bed
I got a problem with my insomnia, now I walk around like I'm a zombie
But I got a lot of chicks, I hit a lot of them
All I want is one to make me proud of her, huh?
I don't gotta be slick, I'm good, I don't gotta walk with anybody in a squad
Or a clique because you can't really depend on anybody for sh*t
In the past, a couple of 'em been backing up and never standing up
When all the cash would come, I never had to run 'cause I'm a man
And none of your motherf**kers are ever much of a challenger
Going out like a punk but the fans in love
Blowing up, getting punched in front of the camera
Why the f**k would they laugh at ya? C'mon, I would rather have it happen for Hamilton
Shouldn't get another chance, what we really got going is a dance
Too smart for what we bombarded with, you a retarded kid at getting tats
And I'm starting it, I got a wrong to fix and I be talking sh*t
On my New Yorker sh*t, in the past, a rapper would had to work for to get a label
To j*rk 'em like they playing hard to get, ain't nobody out as raw as this
And spit hard as this so now I'm targeted, they all little kids
And I'm throwing darts and in the end, I be tossing 'em where the sharks will swim