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Selected song name: 2040 Freestyle
Singer Name: Greg
Lyrics written by: Greg

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The only problem I want in life if I have my way
Is should I cop the rolls or should I cop the May
Back when we would freestyle like it was Sway
I used to dream of the life I’ll live one day
But as I wallow in thoughts of what the future holds
I can’t forget about past times or so I’m told
That makes me think of the girls that once rejected me
But when I make it they’ll wanna get next to me
That’s why I don’t chase girls I just chase funds
Cause girls only want the ones with the large sums
Of cash to splash on whips that are fast
And boy if you don’t have those things you finish last
I’ve never been one to watch from the mezzanine
From a young age I was destined to do special things
Certain ones’ll ride your wave and feel satisfied
But I’d rather steer my own boat thru ocean tides
On my rise to success I’ll never burn bridges
What goes up comes back down and that’s just physics
I never told my closest friends that I started rapping
Cause local people seem to have a trance that they’re trapped in
That makes them think that their dreams will never come true
So when you say you’re chasing yours they try to clown you
And down you and tell you should get real
But when you blow up they’ll be back cause you gained appeal
I have heard as funds rise issues soon will follow
Success is a pill that seems hard to swallow
All those followers and ones that just dish out praise
I guess that’s we see Kanye lost like a maize
My dad’s never been one to just blow sunshine
But I know he can’t wait to see his son shine
I’ll make it thru any storm and thru any weather
I had a nightmare I headlined Coachella
If you dreams don’t scare then they aren’t big enough
You only fail at something when you’ve finally given enough
I’ll accomplish things most couldn’t even fathom
Will probably pull up to the venue in a brand-new Phantom
I’m not surprised Donald Trump became President
Country was built on hate, that’s called a precedent
2040 Greg might just run for president
Or maybe I’m a little crazy is that’s evident?