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Selected song name: 3020 Winona Ryder
Singer Name: Gab3
Lyrics written by: Gab3

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Wake up in my glory, early morning
Supermodel, call a taxi cab, take her home
Told my n***as, "Quit the b*t*hing", nah, I ain't taking long
Rocking bubble gum, smoking Thanos' dong
And I ain't telling the color of the new white lighter
N***as see the style and get so inspired
RIMOWA full of Rick Owens, my b*t*h Winona Ryder
'Bout to put my page on private, you are not invited
And I'm only popping Percs when I'm flying private
Dollar signs on my lap, seeing through these eyelids
If I sell a hundred sweats, that's a hundred thousand
While these n***as running out of, I'm a f**king fountain
I still need Hawaiian Punch coming out my fountain
Log cabin vibеs like I'm in the mountains
My mood bored, so I'm surfing, jaunting
New orb, so I keep 'em bouncing
New auras, new colors, new visions
I just left Elliantte, got my neck Evian-ing
Oops, I meant Avienne, not no f**king Aviani
On that mafioso sh*t, we gon' whack a mulignane
We gon' lay him on the ground, he gon' stretch his feet
He just tried to size me up and now he's six feet deep
Uzi gang, we gon' pull up, know we sixty deep
And my n***as in the field, boy, they play for keeps
And this hoodie from Camille, this is ain't released
Take my family, get a meal from Café au Vieux
Catch me swerving at the wheel of an SRT
In that special Project TWLV, got it straight from V

Yeah, yeah, yeah