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Selected song name: 42 Cypher
Singer Name: Cam
Lyrics written by: Cam

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Telly, Bryce, Saul
Uh leggo

Ayo it's Telly Bada$$ BasedGod Lamar
You should clear the vicinity, my n***a, you ain't got no bars
No applause when these lyrics flying atcha, enraptured
Hokage, yo, I'm focusing my chackra
Chakra, it's proper, but money talks is lexicon
Ripping rugged rappers who f**kin' repping wrong
Good times, let 'em roll
Sharpshooters, Brett Hart on the gra**y knoll
Keep the feelings, let 'em show
Chill like a boss, let 'em know
Today's my birthday n***a, I'm 2-0
Keep my head above H20
You know what I say go, she like when a n***a flow
So I can hit it anywhere, Randy Orton RKO
Ha, you think because I'm globally known
Double cup the wine, gotta n***a sipping out of styrofoam
I don't give a crap like I left the dice alone
But I'm like Joe Jackson, never leave the mic alone

So pull your chair close, and let this be a lesson
Bring my brain to a gun fight, cuz I don’t need no weapons
My tongue’s my body armor, there is no dissection
Nomar with his batting gloves I got my superst**ions
Flow's stupid like Progressive
Start defending, stay regressing
Keep your enemies close or drop your stock, ’08 Recession
Might be hard for y’all to fathom if ya intelligence be lacking
And the only thing you read is a TL like the Falcons
So I break out of Plato’s Cave
Ready to retake my reigns
Fill my lungs with air like Jane
And see the world through my occipital veins
Hyperactive like caffeine, so I gotta go harder
You know I run on Dunkin’ like I’m Tony Parker
Now Peter, Piper, Peter, Parker
Marvel at these punchlines, Luke I am your father
B.Rose, I return – Cosmic orbits I perturb
But like when simple chicks try to spit, like the roads are slick, I SWERVE

This is a Sparbz production and we only f**k with the best

But really, Telly n***a, you gon' do a track without me?

These children want war, I'll take em all to the alphabet
Yeah bruh I'm raw, on point like Alfalfa head
F**kin' little rascals looking frazzled, go and get trampled
You're a lyin' king, everything you doing is a tall tale
Watch me rip yo pages out, throw it in the fire to blaze
Take everything that's yours and everything you'll crave
Make people feel scared to even say your name
Might as well think ya mama named ya lame

Like husssssh

Ma**a's coming at dusk. Better rush running through the brush
Tryna straighten out my roots, no comb no brush

But trust I'm the star you see when you lookin' up
Cuz I been the sh*t like my ma forgot to flush
So I know the bull, don't waste your time with the matador like rodeo
I'll fry you faster than potato
Take it amigo, you can't catch my lingo
Rap skills made me a star like Ringo
Aight aight bingo, comprendes gringo?
Been on the grind from lunes to domingo
Just Cam and now I'm getting high
With my man Telly when we rhyme