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600 Dead Opps song lyrics are written by Edai

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Selected song name: 600 Dead Opps
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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Ayy, first off rest in p*ss, that's to the dead opps
On foenem

First off rest in p*ss that’s to the dead opps
N***as be shootin' anywhere, we walk up, we shoot head shots
Bend them blocks with many Glocks, be outside swear they better not
Hit your top, you do a squat, on bus stops that's yo last stop
Off this pill, I’m zooted, hit that Tooka, make my head stop
Come thru and they scoomin', gunshot boomin', catch a head shot
Pull up then we wound 'em, then we zoomin' to the next opp
Pick a side, you choosin', after you choose them, you a dead opp
If you disrespectin', I'ma have my killas fetch you
F**ked yo’ baby momma, she was ugly but I stretched her
She said when you see yo’ daughter, she gon' send a message
And you love that b*t*h so much, don’t see she tryna set you
You just f**ked up
You think no, you didn't
All in his head I think he just sh*tted
Red tape and yellow, I know that he finished
Tweak on the 'Gram, better stay out my business
Better shoot up the funeral and make sure they feel it
N***as kept cool, that's one in a million
Think I’m gon' slide, I ain't slid in a minute
I miss 'Numbanine, lil' n***a a menace
Servin' the 8 ball like I could play tennis
Been king of drill, they should put me in Guinness
Say what I want, Ion care who offended
Look at my chain, VVS in the pendant
I could shoot fully or switch it to the semi
Smokin' FatHead to the brain, I could feel it
They screamin' gang, but we the inventors
I just touched a bag
Remember Lil Jay, he in the county, he still f**kin' fags
Caught JoJo on his bike, they shot him off his mags
And Wooski ain't the same, he got hit in his head
We thought his a** was dead
But he got up
Ayy, What the f**k?
B*t*h yo' a** a opp if you don't ride with us
Come thru and they flippin', tryna line you up
Ayy, say you STL, you tryna ride with Duck?
You better nut up, b*t*h, we bloodas
Ayy, say you with the opps, you in trouble
Ayy, in the field, I scored a triple-double
Ayy, shootout with the opps, we make them suffer
We just dug 'em, they in trouble
Ayy, better not wife that b*t*h, you better not cuff her
Ayy, actin' like a killa, you a lover
You a sucka, I can't trust her
Rollin' with gang, smokin' Brick in the lobby
B*t*h, we the real, these n***as gon' Coby
Top from a thot, you know that it's sloppy
Drippin' designer, you know that I'm poppin'
Grams of the dope, you know that I'm coppin'
Back in this sh*t, now who gonna stop me?
DoDo got hit in the head when he dropped stick
Smokin' that K.I, I feel like I'm off it
B*t*h, I set it up
B*t*h, I'm tented up
B*t*h, I spend it up
You don't spend enough
You ain't with the sh*t enough
You ain't gang, you don't send it up
Know 6' don't send it up
Kill opps, we kill enough

On foenem
It's still FTO, on foenem, f**k the other side
You know how we bomin' on gang
You know how I'm bomin', on foenem, man
You know how we comin', man
On gang, this the 6', on foenem
This sh*t ain't dead, man
We still out here, on foenem