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Selected song name: 9 Dead Bodies [1992]
Singer Name: Esham
Lyrics written by: Esham

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Kill the radio, he killed the radio...

Made on new dealer stock..
Truck overturned, what they call it was a roll over accident
It was a dump truck
Debris in the roadway, eastbound, and westbound....
It's acid rap.... Ohh yeaaaah...

I've seen many bloody bodies in my life time
Now I'm on the prowl, and it's night time
Son of the wicket, I kick it
Five fingers of death
I can taste the smell of blood as you're losin' your breath
Nine bodies floatin' in the river
This the type of sh*t that make ya shiver, when I deliver
The first dead body on your door step
When you open up the door, the body falls on the floor
The bigger they are, the harder the fall
Then their head pops off and rolls down the hall
Blood stains all on my shoe strangs
Two bodies swingin' in the back, and they hang
From a tree b*** naked
Three lives are gone, and the fourth I must take it
The fourth body, just mutilated
Every bone was broken in the body, when they x-rayed it
I gotta cravin' for some red rum
So I went to the store, saw the clerk, and got me some
One person found dead in the liquor store
A ma** murderer, five murders or more
Now I'm workin' on my sixth one
I kill b*t*hes with my bare hands, muthaf**k a gun
Beat a b*t*h with a bat, til she stop breathin'
Then rush the bloody body to receivin'
Seven and eight, dead like a double date
I stabbed 'em both in the heart, with a wooden stake
Like the b*t*h was a f**kin' vampire
Lit the fuse, and set they soul on fire
Number nine....
This my own life
It was found, with a nine to the head
And I'm dead, and I'm dead
No, you're dead
Call the cops
Sh*t, somebody call the cops