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9,986,000 Minutes song lyrics are written by Ed Helms

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Selected song name: 9,986,000 Minutes
Singer Name: Ed Helms
Lyrics written by: Ed Helms

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There's a lot of people I'd like to thank, but I think we all actually want to thank you, Michael

Oh, thank you

I mean we actually really all want to thank you...for everything

Darryl begins to play piano

Oh my god, something's happening

9,986,000 minutes
We actually sat down and did the math

9,986,000 minutes that's how many minutes that you've worked here

In costumes

In impressions

In meeetings

In cups of coffee

For birthdays

More meetings and

Email forwards you made us read

9,986,000 minutes
That's like watching Die Hard 80,000 times

You hit me with your car

You helped me get off drugs

I watch you when you sleep

I forgive you for kissing me

Remember to call!

Got to remember to call!

Remember to call!

Love is a gift from up above!

Remember to call!

Text or call or email or call

Measure! Measure your life in love!

Remember to call!
Remember to call!

Yeah yeah yeah, you got to remember to call

Remember to call!

Yeah, okay. Well, this is gonna hurt like a motherf*****