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Absence as a Presence song lyrics are written by Greg Puciato

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Selected song name: Absence as a Presence
Singer Name: Greg Puciato
Lyrics written by: Greg Puciato

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Open dead end sea
Nothing calling me to sail
Could always sink instead

I think of where I’ve been
And it seems to be a dream
From someone else’s head

False ground swaying beneath me
Another day I wake up just to breathe
I’m absent

For fractions of a feeling
I beckon the storm
The fight is still the only thing I know

So I keep on believing
I’ve got this under control
In the sky there’s a ceiling
That crushes me wherever I go

Guess I’ll keep moving on
For within the fire grows
In the smoke there’s a song
That calls to me wherever I go

You’ll never feel at home
It’s a place you’re never gonna know

In recovered dreams
In the world that we believed

In the midnight sun
Two lovers struggling to breathe
Under their own weight

I’ve got this under control