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Selected song name: After Afterlife (remix)
Singer Name: Edge of Sanity
Lyrics written by: Edge of Sanity

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I am the master of your dreams, I am the
Creator of your screams, I pulverize your
Inner will invisible, no blood will spill
Sent by the powers of the wind, now you
Will regret that you sined. I am in com-
Mand over earth and sea. I hold the key
To your lost infinity. Yeah. I am crawling
Inside. Yeah. I drain you of your pride. The sha-
Dows in the the darkness, are no reflection
Just the souls of anger pointing your
Direction. Enter the tunnel. Feel the
Smell of your grave, demonic majesty
You're lost to darkness... After, after
Afterlife, I am rising after twilight. I am
The reason why tomorrow never comes
Festerday goes on and on. Satan is my
Darkened son. Did life itself pull me
Thru this hell? There's no time so it will
Never tell. In this world of boiling heat, I
Faced my final, f**king defeat. None
Shall save, I enslave. Laughing, this can't
Be true. Dying, they came to steal your