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Selected song name: Ain’t We Got Fun
Singer Name: Elizabeth Gillies
Lyrics written by: Elizabeth Gillies

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Every morning, every evening
Ain't we got fun
Not much money, oh, but honey
Ain't we got fun
If wifey wishes to go to a play
Don't wash the dishes, just throw them away
In the winter, in the summer
Don't we have fun
Things are glummin', getting glummer
Still we have fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get rich and the poor get children
In the meantime, in between time
Ain't we got fun

Propped up on the lawn, oh, phoney
Now we got to eat baloney
Temper, ain't we got fun

Now hear this

I bought another Paris hat
Won't you have to pay for that
Ah ah, ain't we got fun

I'm hysterical

We've only started as momma and pop'
Are we downhearted
I'd say we're not

Momma's coming here to stay
Hey where you going?
Thatta way
We'll have some fun
I bought a cadillac on credit
Now the sheriff's gonna get it
He'll have such fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get rich
And the poor play bingo
The rich get brush
And the poor get brushed off
The rich like painting
And the poor get tear ga**ed
Though we don't have fancy nights out
In the parlour with the lights out
Ain't we got fun