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Air Your Ass Out song lyrics are written by Ebe Dancel

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Selected song name: Air Your Ass Out
Singer Name: Ebe Dancel
Lyrics written by: Ebe Dancel

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We in the '64, air horn blowing at my enemies
Bulletproof cap, I ain't going out like Kennedy
50 got my fanbase growing out in Tennessee
I'm getting so much head it's drawing out my energy
I'm touring now, I need enough weed to pa** around
Somewhere around a half a pound of that Manhattan brown
B*t*h, I'm gonna sell records, I got a platinum sound
Ranned into half the town bandana wrapped around
Nah, we ain't got no manners
And as far as the clips you know how gorillas feel about bananas
Acknowledge whenever we round
And as far as bouncing back I'm like Ben Wallace on the rebound
You still spending 10 dollars on your weed, clown
You might lose your d**k, it's all kind of disease now
They ain't OG's, they grumpy, old men
Riding 'round in a chunky old Benz, n***a, those ends
I'm not the type to fall in love, make your hoes friends
I turn a friend to a ho, spend all the dough
N***as'll start fighting by the end of the show
I got 30 n***as on stage and 10 in the row, ya know

Get ya gun, we gon' come for you, we'll lay ya a** out
The shells hit you knees, split ya, there's blood all on your couch
Didn't think n***as would really run up in your house
Hog tying ya mutherf**king kids and ya spouse
B*t*h, give us the mutherf**king money and we out
This 45th shell'll tear a f**king hole in ya blouse
Waiting for me to have a change of heart, you a**ed out
Kill every motherf**ker up in this b*t*h and stamp out
N***a, this is pressure, punks respect pressure
Catch ya stunting in something I want and I'll get ya
Go 'head ride through ya strip in your Benz on chrome
See if I won't run up in your motherf**king home
They say money make the world go 'round
I've seen my knife work, I turn a clown smile to a frown
Squeeze and watch the barrel spin on the trey pound
I'm a G-Unit gorilla, n***as know how I get down