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Selected song name: Anti Rachel Interlude
Singer Name: Jasmine Collins
Lyrics written by: Jasmine Collins

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This message lasts two minutes:

This is for Rachel you big, fat, white, nasty, smelling, fat, b*t*h. Why you took me off the motherf**kin schedule with your triffilin dirty, white, racist, a**, you big fat b*t*h. Oompa loompa body, a** b*t*h. Im coming up there and Im gonna beat the f**k out of you b*t*h and dont even call the police today cause Im gonna come up there unexpected and wait on your motherf**kin a** b*t*h. Im coming to beat the f**k out of you b*t*h cause you did that on purpose with your aundry racist white a** thin haired b*t*h. Watch im coming up there to f**k you up b*t*h. Im telling you watch, I know what king of car you drive. Im gonna beat your a** b*t*h cause imma show you not to play with Jasmine Collin's money b*t*h thats the first thing you did and you got me f**ked up cause b*t*h I told you what the f**k was going on. You white mother f**kers hate to see black people doing good or doing good or doing anything for the motherf**kin sleves. Ugly, fat, white b*t*h. Watch, im telling you im coming up there to beat your mother f**king a**, thin haired, smelling white dog, smelling a** b*t*h. Watch, im coming to f**k you up cause you got me f**ked up. Gonna sit up there and try to do that little audry was sh*t b*t*h you aundry since the first day I came up there talking about a b*t*h that had on pajamas but you walking around here in some ten dollar a** jeans on dirty dusty white b*t*h. Sit up there behinf that counter smelling like cheese, b*t*h, stinky, fat, white a** b*t*h and you gonna try to not answer this phone Im coming to f**k you up. Im telling you you better remember who i am cause b*t*h you gonna run when you see me cause Im coming to f**k you up b*t*h. Wanna sut up and play me about my motherf**kin money, wanna play about motherf**kin money b*t*h. You gonna sit up there and try to do that b*t*h little do you know little do you know I know enough people watch. Im coming to f**k you up, Im promising you that I promise you Im coming to f**k you up you fat stinky white b*t*h thin haired yellow tuck mouth nasty a** b*t*h, You stink, you smell like f**king cheese and you got the trifflin a** att**ude. Imma beat that att**ude up out you b*t*h, watch you treat everybody like that all these old blac people that you do like that you in the wrong position you trifflin and you racist b*t*h sit up there and did all this sh*t and I told you what the f**k was going on gonna tell me that I worked at that motherf**kin job when Im telling you the f**k I didn't b*t*h hy the f**k would I lie about some sh*t like that watch I finna come there and beat your motherf**kin a** you better not get out that car b*t*h im telling you f**king-