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Selected song name: April 21st
Singer Name: G Perico
Lyrics written by: G Perico

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Separation , elevation
That pressure make diamonds and I was born in April
I'm bringing sh*t to life, f**k what other people sayin'
Somebody gon' love it even though it's n***as hatin'
Something gotta be fake so we can see what's real
And sometimes devastation is some sh*t you need to feel
When you free your mind, you gon' feel liberated
And when you speak your mind, they gon' feel what you sayin'
Billion dollar dreams right there in a n***a reach
Everything I do is dedicated to the ghetto streets
Feeling likе I ain't even got time to go to sleep
It's housеs down the street worth forty, not forty Gs
Ah, I want my peace, my n***a
A hundred million off of clothes at least, my n***a
My evolutions a revolution
Anything in my way, can't play, I'm just running through it
Blue T-Shirt, this the takeover
If you ain't believe in my plan now I gotta show you
Life defining moments is what we living in
Chasing feelings that you'd probably never feel again
Had a position that you'd probably never get again
I'm tryna live forever, some n***as'll never live again

This my message to the world
April 21st, 2020
It's a real crazy time right now
And this just some honest sh*t on my mind, you know what I mean?
We ain't got no choice but to go next level, you know what I mean?

Just tryna keep the bullsh*t out of my life
Some people just won't ever do right
Just tryna keep the bullsh*t out of my life
Some people just won't ever do right