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Selected song name: Artificial Sweetener
Singer Name: Greg
Lyrics written by: Greg

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Look. I know a lotta dudes get on this beat. But I think it's about time we thought diversely.)

Look, I got 6 spits of venom and a tape of Ken Kaniff
Riding d**ks, a lick and sh*t'll ride settle
2 nunchucks with a wood, I'm splintered
With a style cooler than D-Day, world war winter
Don't give a f**k if I got like a few bars
But I'm luckier to get up on this f**king stardom
Hardly harder than Yale vs. Harvard
And a triple six bracelet impress Judy Garland

To all you listening, stop f**king with my sh*t
My ego's f**king higher than reaching for giraffe d**k
I stretch for the stars but all I get's gymnastics
Bought Brucie a helicopter, but he's already a maverick
Good gosh, I'm anxious, shaken like a hound dog pa**ing peach pits
Or Michael J Fox on a skateboard, can't wait 'till he jumps a 2 stairs and still eats sh*t
All you f**king hypebeasts complimenting, saying I'm genius
Ain't that good, but I'm better than most rappers saying the same sh*t
Stating they're as high as venus
Suck a p*n*s says Hugh Heff to playboys
Dressed as kinky little pirates, d**k in mouth, mouthing ahoy
Huey Lewis wouldn't treat his playboys like that
He's got bigger bulbs in that sack than lights have

Hello everybody, the act has finally started
Sorry for the delay but it's time to get retarded
We got Nique, Paul, Diversity
Say they got the worst of me
Scream it at the top of lungs, Satan hears it verbally

At San Vanelona looking for boxes of Pandora
But I opened up the gang again, brace yourself for a
Event, raise the roof on fire then call the building supply store
My trojan broke, so I guess there's no choice but for you to die w****

B*t*h, you across the room, stop eying me a
And when I f**king spot you, you turn away faster than chili diarrhea
Yeah I'm a bada**, cause I'm the one hunting bounties
Making up to my mistakes up in Camden County
Raps are hotter than two rats f**king in a wool sock
Dig up a legend and ask "Amaru 2Pac?"
Swag of a monkey with a banana in his v*****
You've got 25 stutters, don't worry I've been counting 'em
Popular after Eat a D**k, guess it was the irish luck
Now I'm holding in the climax, I don't give a f**k
I'm such a hipster, since the mainstream sh*t is T's of Chucks
I'm rocking black grenades cause I'm just so underground and stuff
F**k reading Thrasher, I read Skateboard mag
And I'm so bada** that when I skate I sag
So when I dress up as a queen I drag
And head up to the clubs and still get bagged

Most get bullsh*t from their tears
But I get it from bull's rears
Seize the day cause I fold seven and end the game
F**k a mask during murder
You f**kers should've had heard her
She was pleasantly excited
Then gushed like fruit gushers

Yeah I used to f**k with Usher, now I'm digging for gold
Eating Chili and mining for it, guess what my future can hold?
Word, you talked to Mac Miller? Yeah cause I'm so mainstream
That's the first song I recorded, don't f**king hate me

You f**kers sit and listen, don't even try to diss this
Your words are gibberish, that's why they sound ridiculous
Actually they don't sound like dip sh*t
God damn this hood sh*t
I'm a monster, Minaj b*t*h

(Greg: There you have it. The next big f**king collective
F**k Young Money Cash Money Business
We in this sh*t like swimwear. Hahahahaha
Nah but I don't f**k with them, they're alright
Just no sh*tty a** MySpace emo bands try to head on us n***as.)

Hello you motherf**kers trying to f**k with us inside the a**
I'mma f**king let you know that there is a toll to pa**
I got 6 liquors and there's a party with a stash
Thinner than a suicide running through a piece of gla**

Probably Paul:
I ain't gonna f**k with you but I thought this sh*t was over
I put the f**king mic up until I heard the solo
So now I'm freestyling, oh where's my oboe?