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Selected song name: Artist Acheive (EVAN DMMIX)
Singer Name: EVAN DMMIX
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Evan Eugene Mack, professionally known as Evan DMmix, is an American Christian rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born in Missouri, Florissant. His career began in 2013-DMmix fonts the gospel rap duo with G's Blezzings alongside with KKK. DMmix peeked 1# of his songs “LET YOU DOWN!” and he is the co-founder of Blessings Studios.

DMmix is part of the YouTube genre rapping scene alongside Italian rapper KKK and GreenDog Ay333. On June, 23, 2018, DMmix's ex-girlfriend Elsie Rooney saw him bringing out his fellow Morris Smarr while doing a performance on Instagram. When DMmix came to his house, he and her had a argument. Elsie would like DMmix to leave and take his money. But the rapper refused and was punched in the face. He was taken to the St. Louis County Hospital, DMmix was 14 years old. DMmix has uploaded the upcoming song “Lost It” featuring Carmella McPepper.