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Selected song name: Ballad of Green Jellÿ
Singer Name: Green Jellÿ
Lyrics written by: Green Jellÿ

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Driving on the Scajaquada outside of Buffalo
Lazy says he flipped their Prius driving in the snow
You're are hearing Hammy snoring, Jellvis cuts a fart
Our ride feels like it might completely fall apart
Stuffed into a minivan so I can barely move
Lookin' for a rest stop, I think I've gotta poo

You've never seen a show like ours
We'll blow the power in the bar
We've got 2 drummers, 1 ba** and 7 lead guitars
...and the show goes on

As we arrive and get ready for the show
And put our costumes on
If its one thing that we don't need
It's another man's nakеd a** to see

If you want good music, you're outta luck
If you're not drunk, we'rе gonna suck
We belong in a garbage truck
Green Jellö just runs amok
....and the show goes on

"Ladies and gentlemen, the sh*ttiest band in the world...Green Jellö!!!"
"I need everyone here to make some noise! Everyone give me the finger! Bring out the Punk Rock Puppets!"
Grab you a puppet and get on the stage
The crowd is screaming "Hey hey hey!"
I shout at the fans and I tell them to lay
Then jump up in the air as "The Bear Song" plays
Syko holds the mic cord so it doesn't trip the fans
Beer pours down my ballsack to the mouth of a man
Then we take a look and see standing on a chair
He bends over a jock strap and we try to look away
A young drunk man dressed as Fred
Pushes in the pit with a Flintstone head
The crowd's all around this half naked man
Swinging my shirt with a mic in my hand

"You gotta be louder! There's a loud guy in his underwear!"
"Get the f**k down!"

Later on, after the show, as Bill stares down at his phone
We finish signing autographs and taking photos
We gather all the puppets, hope that none were stole
We hustle all the merchandise and then we go get stoned