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Selected song name: Beef Remix
Singer Name: Ethereal
Lyrics written by: Ethereal

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Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Beef wit me, aye who got beef wit me?
Aye who got beef wit Three?
Who got, who got

I stunt on these n***as like Evel Knievel, I told her her pu**y too evil
My n***as shoot at yo head like a Regal
Told Trelly to hop on the feature
I ain’t talking unless you got checks for me
I’m like KD you n***as not checking me
FaceTime yo b*t*h and tell her to stop texting me
Black and white diamonds I look like a referee
Gotta keep moving, you can’t get the best of me
T-R-X-G-G-A like a spelling bee
Never put O’s before like the letter "P"
All about my green, just like some celery
I skip through the city in black suburbans
White people love me they say I’m urban
I got a snap full of b*t*hes I’m curvin'
N***a so fresh my clothes smell like detergent
Please do not hit me unless it is urgent
I can see all my enemies lurking
If you not moving with me or my energy
I gotta drop you cause you worthless
N***as is shaking they start to get nervous
Thunder outta Texas like Kendrick Perkins
Counting my chicken like I work at Church’s
I got a good feeling about it, I’m certain
I answered the beat, cause it was calling me, I don’t want yo apology
A star in the making, I study astrology, yo shawty suck all of me
Honestly, you n***as don’t bother me just look at the artistry
N***as get grimy, I’ll come for yo arteries
For whoever got beef wit me
Look, beef wit me, aye who got beef wit me
Look nowadays when there’s tension n***as go to tweet
They know in they heart they do not want no beef wit me
So simply, you can see me in the streets
Aye who got beef wit me
Aye who got beef wit me
Aye who got beef wit me
Aye who got beef wit me
Say I got n***as in the trenches that’s on call for three
Say I got n***as in the trenches that’ll kill for me, yea yea

Why the homie Trel so cool
Why he always getting flyer fresher than these dudes
Damn, why the boy Trel so rude I thought that we was cool
But now he wanna throw a att**ude
Why he don’t just pop out wit his boo
It’s been too long and we all know how he do
Damn, why he see my b*t*h and try too shoot
He said that she was cute
And comment on her picture "what it do"
Racine n***a I can show you how to move
And if you left the bedroom without the tool then you f**ked up the rules
Trel and TrxggaTre up in this b*t*h blew up a fuse
My n***a like we steel and Q b*t*h but this ain’t juice
I sparked a wood and sipped sum Henny got me feelin' loose
So tell ole dude he want a problem I won’t hesitate shoot
FaceTime wit a b*t*h I had to put that hoe on mute
Homie had sum info heard that you sum pu**y for the crew
I ain't even much surprised tho
When you was sucking I seen the look in ya eyes hoe
Ain’t got no time to be making a lil b*t*h my hoe
I need a girlfriend, a lover, a f**king psycho
Nah I’m trippin, but I don’t need no f**king side hoe
A bougie b*t*h that want money nah not no thot hoe
I need a Bonnie and Clyde ready to die hoe
I need a girl that get that money and got side goals
I know my grandma keep me safe tho
Ain’t been to church in a minute but got a safe soul
Ain’t been to church in a minute but I still pray tho
Then I go get it and hustle go get the pesos
I want a G Wagon, Bentley, and a Lambo
I want my kids to travel everywhere they wanna go
I want some diamonds iced out on my f**king headstone
I’m off this beef sh*t back to the bread I gotta go

Yea...n***a who want it n***a, if you got beef wit my bruddas n***a that mean you got beef wit all of us, wa**up wit it, n***as want beef till I bring it to they cutting board, wa**up wit it, let ‘em know Tre, On me n***a you know who it is, Trxgga, Trel God, you know what the f**k going on n***a, no n***a want war wit n***as pu**y, had to spit heat in the booth, had to spit heat in the booth, I chopped the top all off my coupe, hmm, You chopped the top off the coupe, well I did it too except mine like magic it went off like poof, the f**k is you n***as gone do...b*t*h!...ayee we ran that hoe