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Selected song name: Below the surface :by Griffinilla
Singer Name: Griffinilla
Lyrics written by: Griffinilla

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Listen close
Follow my instructions

There is no
Time for introductions

He was the one that made us
You'll be the one to save us

Welcome to the circus
Power down
Are you feeling nervous?

His voice means to deceive you
My voice just wants to lead you...

Below the surface
Built without purpose
Did we deserve this?
You're here to serve...

Daddy please!
We all scream for ice cream
This machine
Will help you with the brain freeze
The stage lights up with controlled shocks
So tighten up all your spring locks

Through the vent
Keeping your composure
Hold your breath
Something's moving closer

There's no one left to find you
I'll take your place inside you

Below the surface
Built without purpose
Did we deserve this?
You're here to serve us

I'll take your place
Behind the mask
Then I'll be first
And you'll be last
Yeah, you'll be last

{Exotic B***ers}