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Best Dressed Demons song lyrics are written by Griselda

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Selected song name: Best Dressed Demons
Singer Name: Griselda
Lyrics written by: Griselda

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Brr, brr, brr

I'm at the Fontainebleau, Prada mountain boots
Silk collars I'm gettin' fed trough, see through Chanel visors
Rose a stone out my stove, I parked the Range Rover
Mini TEC and the Grateful Dead Mike Amiri's
Avant-garde with Arm & Hammer, Peace Allah
We chasin' n***as down in new muse sandals, coke in a straw
Havin' visions out the Wang goggles, I seen Gianni
He told me I got the illest sh*t ever, don't let 'em copy
Your rhymes funeral, mine's beautiful
Many TECs and Avirexes, cross my heart, yo, I be flexin'
Chrome Heart jeans with the crosses on the knees, don't make me stretch ya
From twelve to twelve, he study one-twenty lessons