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Better Daze(May 25th) song lyrics are written by A-Reece

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Selected song name: Better Daze(May 25th)
Singer Name: A-Reece
Lyrics written by: A-Reece

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May, twenty fifth man what a day
Take me back to when... sh*t!
I even forgot

Never too busy to take a moment to sit and pray
Twenty one and life is moving at a different pace
Twenty one I still have demons that I gotta face
Me going through it day to day I'm growing stronger faith
May twenty fifth I can't believe we hit a million views
The only way to change the game is to break the rules
I let my momma's prayers comfort me, I'm back on road
My n***as made it Flame popping bottles, that Belaire Rose
This is the life we chose
Aspire selling records never sell my soul
Be prepared to face defeat if we go toe to toe
We the government the people have already voted

The words of truth are touching
The voice of truth is deep
The law of truth is simple: all you saw, you rip
And we're chosen

Always spare a moment in order to count my blessings
All the love you're given in the game is counterfeited
Try to walk in my shoes but you barely fitted
'Cause these raps are a gift I was merely given
May twenty fifth we just hit a million views
May twenty fifth we looking at a different view
All the commoners is living in a common place
Trust me I relate I had demons that I had to face
Now I'm blowing thick smoke right into your face
Behave different when I'm listening to Rozay
T-Dub-C we like the new age NWA
My other birthday is on this day the twenty fifth May

I have to tell ya, there's no concert tonight...
There's actually gonna be a concert tonight

I'm in the cut like umbilical not your typical
Waiting on miracles n***a that sh*t is pity-full
My n***as eat in the kitchen full a million views
Independent n***a we did without a cent from you
Beside my b*t*h and my momma my life is beautiful
And I already have it my way and that's for you to know
012, ABC, the alphabet
And we got you T-Dub-C the government
Yo we got you