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Selected song name: Big AL
Singer Name: Griselda
Lyrics written by: Griselda

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Ayo, son of Malcolm and mind of Martin, the heart of Huey P
Shoot up a cracker eulogy, gun powder on my Louis V
Got questions with no answers like, "Is life just a lucid dream?"
It's harder to do right beside this rappin', I'm in tune with schemes
My dope on the spoon, the stamp on the package was new regime
Put it in the wax paper, wrappin' it, straight to the fiends
Tarot read, you grew the death into magician after
This a different chapter, I draw a gun that's bigger to clap ya
Self lord and master, don't adore the Lord, free all the trappers
Got caught with the raw in the door of the 'Lac truck
Never had much before, my only thoughts was stack up
You either be the one makin' the punch or shootin' smack up
Can't rely on n***as, dun, keep your gun for back up
Squeeze the trigger 'til your finger numb then don't get clapped up
Vital survival sh*t, feel the high when my rival hit
Look the judge in the eye and lie my hand on the bible sh*t

Ayo, Dip got killed , Munch got killed
Pete got killed , Casablanca silk
We ain't even healed before some more blood spilled
Moms lost two sons in a year
I don't even wanna know how that sh*t feel , Eastside sh*t real
Knowledge from dope past, clutching my blick still
I'm godly
It was either me or him Allah, I'm sorry
What the f**k would you do?
Crossover, two different pots, skip to my lou
Hitler Wears Hermes hangin' at the Louvre
In the Bay, racin' Rari's with Larry June
Look at the V's in the Westside Doom

Rest in peace, DOOM
All f**kin' caps
Rest in peace to my OG
I lost that n***a few months ago
That was my n***a