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Selected song name: BITCHHH!
Singer Name: G6TH
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Hey it's Leon
I feel I’ve f**ked up this game

Fire on my wrist cuz I've got blade in my fist
Goth in this b*t*h, f**k your whole clique
Fit in my d**k, put my blade in your mouth
Suck on her t**, little d**k out b*t*h do not punch me
Boy you a pu**y, I told you don't test me
I’ll f**king kill your whole clique

B*t*h, like a Tony Tough
Get your man's up, I'll f**k 'em up
Oh wow, imma drag them out
Watch me b*t*h, I'll f**k your sl*t
B*t*h, I'll unload my gun
HBC I'm with my clique
You name me Kyle, we'll kill you b*t*h
Six sheets, I’m off the sh*t
Six blades I’ll cut your b*t*h
Three hands I'm fabolous
all y’all ain't 'bout sh*t
F**k, I ain't talking
B*t*h playing like actress
Pu**y ain’t rapping
Boy you be acting

Boy, you are f**king b*t*h
Give me f**king blood
What the f**k ?
Suck my d**k if
What the f**k ?