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Selected song name: Blues Music
Singer Name: G. Love & Special Sauce
Lyrics written by: G. Love & Special Sauce

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Me and my band, we all much agree
We like to get groovy with the sounds of the old times

We like to jam, cuz man sound from the bandstand
Hand from the cause man, hang from the old ones
The tones, the gears, the props and the ride
Very much in for chilling outside
Way back, way back

From where music really started
I'm a child of the 80s
From where I departed, since then I started
A collection of the people who started it all
I reckon therefore I kept them
In my sock like money
Blues music, blues music

It's all about rockin' the van
Not rock to roll but sway to sway
Shocks work out, I play
What that fly girl Sabine say, J
About 8 miles to the gallon
That's some highway sailing
That's cool cool lounging
Atlantic City boundin'
1920 to the 1970s
Shootin' some pool with
Jose steady
Gettin' ready real cool
Cool, cool
The earth amp sock hat hihat dope
Dobro D'Addario strings for my things
The ba** wail sings

Let the rhyme bring

The tense of the time, of the old time
Blues music, blues muu--

Blind Lemon Jefferson and Juice
BMWs the fruit fossi Albert Collins
Bukka White, Booker T, James Brown
Jimmy Smith at the Console, Soul with the girls
Aretha, Chaka Khan and show Solid Gold
Cisco and Sonny and Leadbelly too
Peoples that roll with Woody and knew Bob Dylan
A million Sears Silvertone guitars
Heard the licks, no need to take them nowhere
Blues music

It's like chewing gum with your headphones on
Like drinking lemonade and chillin' on the front porch
At the running board
Like you lost a twenty dollar bill
Like you got a free ticket for the scratch-n-win
It's like the swimsuit issue
I think I need a tissue
It's like you and your baby got nasty
Cut off and left alone
Now makin' eyes on a city bus again
Now you got inkspots on your pink skirt
Grandma cooks blueberry pie
Little sister's got a boyfriend

It's like smokin' the right
The final rights
The vinyl rides
Blues music, blues music