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Selected song name: Boston vs. Everybody
Singer Name: Edo. G
Lyrics written by: Edo. G

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Statik Selektah
We build, we build, we build
Welcome to "Boss-Town"
Statik, Let's go
"B" vs everybody

M-A double dollar verse everyone to this fetti, come
I'm sailin' the streets of the with this heavy gun in my belly, softly
I rep for the hood so hard I swear they need a statue of me
And I be to these murder Ma**. streets in holy matrimony

Ma**. is capital versus any who show the balls
To get decapitated, ? faggot faded, then most of ya’ll made it
Labeled the greatest, rated the wolf alone
An upper echelon King, underground wearin' the crown

Ea$y true to this music, you new n***as clueless
We stickin' to the same script, we just new and improve it
Show off, do it for real, ya'll do it to do it
My crew full of shooters, hit you wit them Rugers, shootin' em through you's

Ent**lement, Uh… tell me what that t**le mean?
Claim you're the champ but can't set a screen
Warm it, I bomb it, I come and I find in my mind
Like a fire that be it, I book it, I like it, the time of the life
Yeah, we killin' everyday

If they want it they can come and get that
Swear I love my city; I just want a little
They see me, they salute me, and they ain't ready for the
The "B" vs everybody

‘Cause in my city I'mma die legendary, I'm Makaveli
I'm ridin' in a Chevy wit a dezi loaded wit bullets from my brotha belly
The bombs went off at the marathon
But the city's All's ask Big Papi , that's verse everybody, ah

I stomp a n***a' gla** jar screamin' mazel tov
And I keep the fire bottled up like a molotov
I got us ya'll, ‘cause n***as remind me of
New Years Eve in Times Square, how they dropped the ball

Yo, Been around the greezy types, f**k a busta n***a
Tryin' to moisturize my paint, ‘cause his chick be like a lusta n***a
Buy the Timbs and Geisha buns, grams stuck in the garter
Go harder than sons and fathers, like Sparta's my armor, martyr

Yo, this life time f**k me up like Aaliyah movie
Sellin' fishscales, swimmin' in a sea of groupies
Local rapper mad, that's ‘cause he a groupie
'Bout to rape the rap game, I don't need a roofie

Anything is possible and every thought is like a loaded weapon
Every emotion's a bullet spittin' with no direction
Sip from the chalice, gold in my nurse and a throat infection
Fist full of malice, holdin' the knowledge my road is destined
It's a slippery slope, rope-a-dope and then cold deception
It used to strip me of hope, now I know the lesson
Black gloves, black mask, go and get the shotty
It's me and you, but now it's us against everybody

In the city, they never love you unless you payin' your dues
I should finish my thank you letters and these IOU’s
From broke vans to buses, percussion that leaves concussions
Boston's boy, I don't need an introduction… Sammy

Some will stand, some will kneel, some will sample Clyde Stubblefield
Lookin' for that rugged funky drummer feel, now what the deal?
My tongue's a weapon and my lungs are steel
E-S, ya'll my fictional cats, I give you somethin’ real

If ya settle it's to bury sons, say ya Hail Mary, done
We on the heavy run, it's Boston versus everyone
Other cities don't deserve the respect, industry must of padded ya check
Boston, -town, Edo G and Statik Selekt