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Selected song name: Built in the 80s
Singer Name: Griffinilla
Lyrics written by: Griffinilla

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Constructed in the 80s
With the purpose to perform
Mechanic animals powered by
Children’s souls reborn-

With the revving of an engine
And the grinding of their gears
They can make you fall in love with fear

Who dares prepare
For a night all alone by the phone
Jump scares, and nightmares
When you find what’s in store
You’ll be slamming the doors

Five nights with
Phantoms moving on the screen

Five nights spent
Trapped inside a corner screaming
I feel them breathing

Well the toys were getting sleeker
But the style was retrograde
Center-staging, masquerading
Sharks around the cage
With the winding of the toy box
And the shadow of the past
Baby I am taking off this mask

Well, I have a theory
Yeah, I heard a rumor
There was a murmur of purple and murder
One by one
He sealed their dooms
And turned these toons
Into their tombs

Five nights with
Puppets pulling their own strings

Five nights at
Freddy’s won’t you rest in pieces
In pieces
Now hit the reset

Footsteps in the hallway
Focus like a laser beam
Breathing in the doorway
Burning up on my own heat

Fox inside the closet
Time was moving half my speed
Death was under cover
I can see their teeth

It’s a horror show
From 30 years ago
This used to be their home
They’ll never let you go, go, go

Five nights is
Burning up like gasoline

Five nights was
Looking like a horror movie
A movie
They’re on vacation
Sister location