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Selected song name: [C1] Plugged In Freestyle
Singer Name: C1 (LTH)
Lyrics written by: C1 (LTH)

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Fumez, Plugged In
C1, LT
H1K made this
Let's go

I try M one on the beat, but my man knows how to use his feet
Leng one 5 foot 3, she knows if it weren't by me, it was B
I can't stand these neeks
Denied getting fried and believe their lies
I can't see none on the drive
Can we just circle 4 more times?
She knows that I like when she licks it
All in her moth, it's wet like a christening
If gang patterning a dims quick
Nothing round hеre, we ain't going therе, quick fit
I ain't on chattings and bro's not neither
Them man just follow their leader
I heard this ding's a 3 litre
Now I want skid, move eager
You ain't ever been there, back and forth
Circle bus, from jail to court
From court to jail
You know a man's p*ssed when he ain't getting bail
Buy drugs and sell
Big boy waps round there aswell
She wants Louis, Gucci, Chanel
You know how it goes in her boujie world
I ain't never going on dates
I'm going up town with this anglo blade
Me and my mates, any estate
Bro press play, let's see how it ends
I could never feel sorry for them
You're buzzing, can we just ride again?
And again, and again?
Anywhere we ride on them
Ten toes on my block, or it could be ten toes on your block
Suttin got hit with the dots
Can't stand up, everyone knows it's gang stuff
I can't end up bankrupt
Chop that down and get my bands up
Make sure that you have your bands up
Don't be bra** out here with your hands out
Shake what your marjay gave you
You already know what you're on, don't act
We leave opps on the curb, all slumped
Collapse, anywhere we glide with waps
We put shotguns straight in diners
And these man always run from yingers
It's tiring, chasing sprinters
Ay bro, let's bang that mash
LTH to the world and back, and they still wanna act like fags
Most of the opps are fans
They ain't done sh*t since - been blammed
Bro pose for the cam
It's the runner man, nah I can't get swammed
I ain't going out like them man
Straight chestshots, I ain't throwing no hands
I was with playing with the Pyrex
Now I'm just chopping down yam
Your heart weren't in it, they ain't on drillings
I don't wanna hear 'it jammed'
I'm comfy on my jack like Branning
You don't wanna se me rise to the max
Free M, and that's facts
All of my n***as maintaining stack
Most likely they're bored
Countless opp block tours
Mind out if the shotgun sawed
Bruckdown Mini or Ford
Safe, the mandem's coming for your's
Don't be p*ssed cah we back our talk
Riding, sliding, pop them doors
She wants to know bout a Tulse Hill tug
She best know how to park this 4s
Why they Young Slim cah he juiced this ching
I ain't ever seen what you've done with yours
Don't stunt, ride for the cause
Bruck it, set it and whine some more
I can't wish what I had in a store
Buy nuff' trackies and buy one more
Gangdem filled to the brim
Lurking around, can't see no souls
They do it for the socials
Everyone knows who's scoring goals
Bro banged off but he missed, hit post
Next time around, sutting burnt like toast
We do drills, nah g, we don't boast
The talking ting, leave that for the hoes

Fumez the Engineer