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Selected song name: Can I Kill It?
Singer Name: Compton’s Most Wanted
Lyrics written by: Compton’s Most Wanted

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Geah, the n***a-hoes is back in the mutherf**ker
MC Eiht's back once again, y'knowutumsaying?
Just like last year we told the girls, talking about they was down
'Save the drama for your mama.' CMW cause the trauma, y'knowutumsayin?
Me and my DJ Mike T's in the house, pimping all the hoes
I'm about to drop this smooth line, check this out

Eiht is back girls to see whats popping
Once again, the panties is dropping
But this time I got the sh*t plugged in
Another stupid one thinking Eiht's fixing to spend
Called up the b*t*h like um 7:30
Still in the bathtub, damn this was a dirty
B*t*h, must of f**ked another n***a last night
So what, I was with a b*t*h so everything was alright
Pulled up bumping the mutherf**king Cube
Walked in the door seen my face on the tube
Stood there and tripped off the gaffle video
It went off, I looked up and said its time to go
Girl said she was hungry so I tried not to be evil
I said you got a choice, Louie's burgers or Golden Eagle
She started biffing, I said b*t*h I ain't playing
It ain't like your my woman, y'knowutumsaying?
Girl got the grub and it was off to the liqour store
I said what kind of drinks, she said go with the 4-0
I said what? grab one or two?
She said get two, one for me and one for you
Got her to the room and she started to guzzling
The forty, hit the blunt and the b*t*h was buzzing
Thats when I told her it was time to come to Eiht
And I was about to bounce, rock, roll, and skate
Got inside, got to spanking on that a**
Her engine got hot, she start moving real fast
Thats when I knew, she started to feel it
I grabbed them shoulders, said 'geah, can I kill it.'
Geah, still breaking them off, y'knowutumsaying
Baby, y'knowutumsaying, ain't no faking
I'm here to break you off proper
All them other n***as be drag, y'knowutumsaying?
All they wanna do is d**k you down
But if you try to come to me and get the snaps
It ain't even like that cause I ain't playing that way
Thats played out, y'knowutumsaying?
But I'm about to kick this uh 91 sh*t, check this out

Once again its on, geah girls you know the deal
I'm on a mission to kill
I gots to get a skee before it gets to late
So don't perpetrate, just give it to the Eiht
Called up this b*t*h, I was already f**king
That made it easier to get her head ducking
Told her we was fixing to have this little get together
She started dragging about the movies, I said hmm whatever
Told her I pick her up about 9:30
I called up this other b*t*h, "damn Eiht you dirty"
Pulled up bumping, like flaunting my riches
Ran out about I'd say 8 different b*t*hes
They hung on my window, leaned on my hood, Sat in my seat
Got the raise in my meat
I just had to know if they was skeezing
I ran the line, 'whats the plan for the evening'
Right then, yo, the sh*t was all plugged
And after the night was over she'd be dug
Out by a brother who wasn't saying a word
Cause what I needed to say was already heard
Picked the b*t*h up and went straight to get the liquor
Then right back to my pad, so I could smooth d**k her
Told her a drag, it went straight to her head
Cause if I said I just wanna f**k my drag would be dead
She downed one cup, then 2 then 3
And Eiht was ready to shake the
And while I'm in it, I'll ask her can she feel it?
Damn, can I kill it?
Geah, y'knowutumsaying? Killing it all off
All that's nice and soft, y'knowutumsaying?
CMW back once again, on the late night hype tip
Or it might be on the 'who's is it' tip? I don't know
Me and Unknown is in here, DJ Bolo's in here
Mike T is in here. Mike "webeboomingthesh*t" is in here
And we all outta here. So all y'all girls save the drama. Out

Scratching: Yo I thought I told your stupid a** about the pu**y I
Killed X2