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Can’t Stop the Reign 2006 (Remix) song lyrics are written by Greg Street

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Selected song name: Can’t Stop the Reign 2006 (Remix)
Singer Name: Greg Street
Lyrics written by: Greg Street

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Man y'all know who it is, you know what it is!!!
This your boy Greg Street!!!
Yo Kayslay, it's time to drop this remix!!!

Slay! Aiyyo it's funny when I sit and think about the what I gotta do
How I been makin the streets cook and sizzle like a barbeque
Dominatin the soul of the streets without a choice
To send a message to every hood while you hearmy f**kin voice again
You can't stop nothin that I do it gets no easier
As I continue to apply the pressure f**k the media
Gave my dreads to my mother, I'm thinkin with a clear head
If I ever honor my brother Israel Ramirez
Despite the sh*t the hood'll carry the torch with me
With a single hand I reinstate the swag of New York City
For so many years I've been doin it, see the way I grown
You can't stop nothin I'm doin or move me out the throne
Big Bangin n***as consistent you know who runnin this rap sh*t
Bus and Kayslay go 'head talk slick
Flipmode, Streetsweepers b*t*h don't go against the grain
The alliance is official, and you can't stop the reign

You can't stop the reign, you can't stop the reign no
When it starts to fall

Though shall not f**k with nor seed Diesel
Dog Mafia Capo life modern as Rocko
My entourage turn yours to mirages
Four, five and sixes head crack garages
Every place I visit, I got land there
How a playa stand there and say they ball like Deez? Hell no!!!
Been nice as blue and white stripes before the yellows
Before King James, before Carmelo
Any before me, hell no I'm the realest
Haters sayin they bet that B.I.G. is the illest
I've been doin this since Pop shot Quillis
Brick City billionaire you know what the deal is
Diesel Dog Mafia got yo' a** sparked
Papoose, Corey Gunz, Box, D.O.G. Money Mark
You see those five a shut it down if I die
I put that ony my diamond grizzle, your f**kin with the dizzle, what

You can't stop the reign, you can't stop the reign no
When it starts to fall

Papoose, Pa-poose!!!
Do not disturb, the King's usin the bedroom
Him and his Queen they just came out the restroom
Some say they hate to do it to you, but what's the hastle
I wouldn't hate to do it to you I would love to clap you
I took rappers money, I use to love the battle
Now I sit on 106 & Park and judge the battle
The most dominant most prominant most moderate
No colleges no scholarships no promises
Flow negative flow positive both opposite
Spoke both sides of it shown that there's no stoppin it
No tolerance for these haters with no compliments
Don't try to diss so tired just slow grindin this
Overpowered this so powerless so cowardness
So wise when his own died with no monument
So confident rose out of it so bottomless
Broke providence and we did it with no politics

You can't stop the reign, you can't stop the reign no
When it starts to fall

The Queen of N.Y
Ok I understand you can't stop the reign
But the girl too fly you can't stop my plane
I ain't a stand by b*t*h my flight can't get delayed
I got jet connect the itinerary don't change
My chain a hundred thousand me scared not hardly
Tell Dave to make me somethin that make n***as wanna rob me
When I come through in somethin new it's to set an example
Have everybody sayin like the chick on the sample
Since when your known for speakin your mind and whylin they try to brand you
Keep you out of the loop knowledge minimal stamp you
As a troublemaker not known not never planned to
Be the joy my goals was always to surpa** you
I'm spittin fire like a phoenix from ashes I'm brand new
Plan to, feelin like it ain't nothin I can do
Now name a b*t*h you know better than Remy Ma
Signed, unsigned, new chick or veteran nobody

You can't stop the reign, you can't stop the reign no
When it starts to fall

You can't stop the reign, you can't stop the reign no
When it starts to fall