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Selected song name: Cheap Seat
Singer Name: Jamie xx
Lyrics written by: Jamie xx

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I did not become someone different


That I did not want to be
But I'm new here
Can you show me around?

Today is a new day
It's a me day, it's a you day
I'ts a my day. I'ts a Friday


Every words a politician I'm sending on missions
To mouth my words in exorcism
To turn the heads and feed the chasms
I'm on every level
Public organasms, spasms
Glad I'm here to be the here then disappear
Here's my mayor wave
Here's my gra**y knoll on brains
And here's my brains on pavement
And in the scooping hands of my darling
Here's an echo of the snarling reaping intent
And it's intense yes
And I know, Why go anywhere else for your supply?
Cause I'm that guy
I'm that guy
Cause I'm that guy

I'm that new here, new year, here to change your structure
I bit the Crusher
Hit the usher in the face then stole the church
I sold the perch, that's why those birds above are lurching in circles
Certainly absurd

Search for the b***on you press to find
I'm gonna sip a little bit of coffee
And then I'm gonna draw these lines
With a pen in my hand
Its like lines in the sand
When you're sweeping for mines
Or laps in my mind
My brain's in my lap and I'm unentranced by all it's interventions
I hit tilt, and refresh my dimension
Blessed the bless-ed, weak and meek

It's friday and my brains not fried
It's like a picnic
Shhhh. Let's shuffle our shoes
This is for all of you drowning clues at the opportune
Tomorrow can't wait for the zombie Apocalypse
To eclipse all babbling baboons in my cortex
Mashing words that would be sliding out of my nostrils by now
Outta site out of my god damn mind
Just send a little inter-connected nervousness notion
Once you get your vote in, I'm blowing up the booth
Walking down the boulevard of sentence, peruse, go ahead and pursue
But beware, you may get bruised
You may get bruised

I was trying to get a cheap seat to my defeat
Got offered for my meat beat, and feet cleaned and a little nice bag of street treats
But I felt ravished by that moment and i laid down instead
An Ocean in the gutter that I rested washed me away
I was digested, my taste was tested, my waste was vested
And spit out
A guarantee, no cost to me, or possibly, I'm lost at sea
In the organs I forage
Wading through storage, I'm apt to just forfeit
I'ts me and the splintering infinite other ident**ies that share the common word me or I
I'm sh*t out into a giant sty
Look up to a sky
Don't look down on this guy
Or do
It's friday
And I'm new