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Selected song name: Cheesecake (Interlude)
Singer Name: Juls
Lyrics written by: Juls

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You can catch me spittin' where the sinners be
So I'm rappin' in the mirror to the enemy
J. Timothy
I fornicated with your liberty even though you rose like Emily
Life is a test, you gave me your Word to stand on
But Lord I need another scantron
Cause I done made so many mistakes
This is for every single time I would spit in your face
Lord I'm sorry 'bout the

But wait Lord, I'm sorry for the

But even when I

Wow, but what about the time I said that I would never ever

And even though I did it and I

Man, well take me to the east
As I confess this endless list of debts to the west
I'm sorry for willingly ressurectin' bad habits
I'm sorry for bein' an addict and blamin' you for the habit
I'm sorry for choosin' Barrabus
Forgive me for hand-pickin' the nails, choosing hail mary in my talents
I'm sorry for them three times I denied you
And for piercin' you in the side, ooh
And for takin' twitpics when you died too
For loling at that hobo in that drive-thru
For stealin' textbooks to pay for that sidekick
I'm sorry for that p***ographic photo that I right-clicked
I'm sorry I saved it, I'm sorry I liked it
And for every drug, I'm sorry I tried it
Forgive me for turnin' a sermon off deliberately
In order to run to the very thing that was killing me
So I wouldn't feel guilty
Thank you for lovin' me anyway even though I'm filthly
And I'm sorry for not feelin' as sorry as I should feel