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Chiraq (Freestyle) song lyrics are written by Edai

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Selected song name: Chiraq (Freestyle)
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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Six Hundred sh*t
Man I really spit about situations I live n***a
When I was seventeen I grabbed the seventeen
And I took the block from my big n***as
Its some n***as around me that act real
But I ain't never seen one real n***a
A lot of rap n***as around me signed
Trying to turn me up so I can get bigger
So it's f**k them
You got a chain, better tuck it
I was posted up on that block n***a
It was war time, it was busting
N***as play that role on that Instagram straight cuffing
Its f**k a b*t*h, I don't love her
And if I love the b*t*h I don't trust her
She suck me up with no sucker
On six hundred no duckin
Ain't sneak dissing on nobody
But when I was in the field they wasn't, sucka
Ride up on a opp's block
And catch a n***a with they pants down
Knew Lil Jay ain't want war
I heard the lil n***a dance now
Grew up in them projects
Then I jumped straight on that block sh*t
Ridin around with Cdai and Rondo they on hot sh*t
Know a couple rappers that rap about it
But they ain't never really shot sh*t
Say they manning up and they bandin up
Them card crackers get got quick