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Selected song name: Classical
Singer Name: Edo. G
Lyrics written by: Edo. G

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It’s funny, they love me for the same thing they hated me for
Before they never thought my sh*t could be so crazy and raw
Never thought I’d reach the point where they paid me on tour
Saying, “F**k the police.” on stage while they hang at the door
Banging the banger to swords, slanging slang from the saw
Walking with dirt on my clothes since I came in the door
First came the skepticism then came the applause
Then came the dime pieces grinding till I came in my drawers
Next up is a decision, what color paint on the Porsche?
Which diva I can f**k, knock up, and later divorce?
I know they’ll always be the backstabbers and haters of course
I can’t change that man, that’s just fate in its course
Yeah, consider me blessed, rid of the stress then get rid of the best
Lovers littered with this pain in the middle of the mess, Slaine
The kid in the chess game who captured the king
I’m the motherf**king fighter getting back in the ring

It’s only one life to give in, get in where you fit in
*Scratching* Jaysaun, Edo, and Slaine
It’s only one life to give in, get in where you fit in
Get in where you fit in
Mastered this, blasters that make em clap to this

My best year is next year, the check cleared
I moved on, you left here, heard by deaf ears
A sissy don’t make you less queer, I test fear
My n***a still an out even though he’s drinking less beer
Refs ain’t fear so I put on the show
Before the guests and the breasts appear
It’s S.T. f**k the rest up here
Cause when we escape on the road and come back
And we see the hate, face me yo
Horn-blowing n***as like Maceo get sliced by JCO
Put yourself one step below
And respect the f**king t**le that we bestow
And that’s the slogan, no loose lips
That’s for me and murder it’s Ma**achusetts
Here’s where the proof is, your whole style is useless
From this point on, consider me a nuisance