Cold As Ice Lyrics

Desire Lyrics

Well, me and her were the two
Me and her were together like glue
But we lived packed in a shack
Like the old lady who lived in a shoe
And we ain't really know what to do
Till one day she got her a job at WaMu
I said, "Baby, if you been thinkin’ what I thinkin’
Then all of our problems are through"
So we got together with the crew
And planned everything with the T
We got gloves and guns and bags and masks
And anything we would need
So we scoped out the facility
Really we waited a couple of weeks
Till it was time to kick in the door
"Everyone down it's a robbery"

You’re as cold as ice
You’re willing to sacrifice our love
And now you got me
I said you got me
Because you’re so c-cold
You left me cold tonight

So I went to my girl and said “quit playin’ and give me the cash”
But nobody suspected a thing
It was quite a spectacular act
So we get to the safe out of everyones sight
So I take off my mask and ask
“did your partner remember to cut the line for the panic b***on in the back?”
And she paused
The look she had on her face was cold as ice
Before she could she could say the next word I heard the sirens pull out outside
So I tried to grab her and run, she pulled away and said she would be fine
She was on the clock so I guess nobody would think she was in on the crime

So I realized it was over
When the SWAT team kicked in the door
So I dropped my gun and the cash, and then I got bummed rushed to the floor
And they took me into the station
And they started the interrogation
And I said, “I ain't sayin’ a word ’till I get appropriate representation”
So as I get escorted out, to my surprise what do I see
Thats my baby sittin’ in cuffs
Tellin’ the officers everything
And I stand there in amazement
Trying to find an explanation
And the cops come in and restrain me
And they mace me and the taze me
I said, “baby why baby what did I do to forsake you
How can you turn your back on me you’re selfish I hate you
All I ever wanted to do was love you, were you faking?”
So I snatched the gun from my officer
And I c*cked it and I aimed it
And said, “this is for all the pain you done put me through you’re ungrateful how could you
All I wanted to do was save you”
And here I am day 55
With 55 hundred to go
When you love a girl who is as cold as ice
Eventually you’ll get froze

32 degrees below zero
You’re like 31 flavors you’re oh so cold
Feels like 30 straight days of falling snow
I’m so cold and alone, alone
You’re like 32 degrees below zero
Or like 31 flavors you’re oh so cold
Feels like 30 straight days of falling snow
I’m so cold and alone, alone
You left me cold tonight

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