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Selected song name: Come Quick
Singer Name: Eshon Burgundy
Lyrics written by: Eshon Burgundy

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Lord please come quick
Cause I don’t like what I see when I wake up
People lie and deceive living lives for the greed
Doing whatever they can for the paper
And it’s frightful for me
People smile in my face turn around shove a knife into me
Til’ I’m stifle to breathe, I’m ???
I’m left here with nothing but a Bible to read and pray to my Maker
I’m sick of the cross til’ I take up been feelin’ this way for a while
And every day it’s hard to see a point to every ???
??? every last day that I smile
I’ve been on the star path here for miles
Now I really wanna see where it leads to
Obsessing every second tryin’ ??? cause I’m appalled by the things we do
It’s a lost world and I’m honestly sick of it
Might lose my life in the midst of it
Surrounded by hypocrites
Everybody points fingers and nobody’s innocent
They say they’re living they’re own way
They’re digging their own graves
And they think they’re ok
But the devil is scheming to damage us damning us
People get taken advantage of
For wicked wishes
It’s pernicious
Sick and twisted
Vicious business
Look around me I see triple sixes
And it’s ridiculous we living now to make pleasure our purpose
When if you take a step back and you look at it all
All these endeavors are worthless
Cause at the cost of relationships, we’re feeling more connected
And at the cost of our privacy, we’re feeling more protected
And I detest this
I protest this
We must correct this
We’re all affected
All infected
All neglected
So please God let me spread the message
May my influence ??? through all of this madness
Bringing Truth to the ma**es
I’m stooped in the booth with a pad and a pen
Trying to cope ‘cause I lost all my hope
So I’m rapping again to repent of my sins
And in addition to mention that we need redemption from all the decision to end this division
And stop our descension to hell we help send divine intervention
I don’t need no church or a pastor
I need to converse with the Master
Need a rescue mission or a rapture
Need to know there’s something coming after
People pa**ing up God’s promise
For the beast, dragon, and false prophet
And I’m not escaped the corruption
Cause I’m the first one to pa** judgments
Please come quick …
Please come quick …
Please come quick …

Yo, ???
Let’s start a brand new chapt-o
Let’s get the sky to cracking, yeah
Let’s be about that action tho’, yeah
Let’s fall in love with the Master
In the wake of disaster
I’m not clear on the rapture
But I’m fo’ sure on what happens after
Let’s get some things straight
Cause I need my faith to gain weight
Your Jesus piece and your chain fake
Christ ain’t have that same face
And while we out here saying no to their idols
They saying no to the Bible
They loading up on their rivals
We showing love to our rivals
And I ain’t got no fear for y’all
But I’m here for ya’ll
And I’m near for ya’ll if ya’ll fall
And I’m ??? cause I ain’t scared of ya’ll
And I reserve all my fear for God
And I was once in love with that taste for blood
But He here to tear that apart
Alright let’s take it there
I need to make it clear from here where do I start
I was without
Then I saw what it’s about
The cursing coming out of their mouth
They casting spells on every ear that’s compelled
To trust what they talking about
They speak in code
They ??? some gold
The devil he got a receipt for they soul
They drunk the punch but Lord you were strong so took every punch
And eat every blow
On their behalf and while they laugh
You take a L
But let’s do the math
You willing to die for people that hate you
You are the Saver nobody saved you
You are the Maker nobody made you
You let it go nobody can take you
And now from a distance they trying to play you
But while you were here nobody would fade you
Come quick …