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Dead Opps Pt. 2 song lyrics are written by G Fredo

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Selected song name: Dead Opps Pt. 2
Singer Name: G Fredo
Lyrics written by: G Fredo

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Whole lotta' f**king gang sh*t man
7981 f**king Kal man
Back at it again man
Free Cody man Free trigger trey man free the f**king gang

I don't care about an opp
Catch an opp pop him off like a perc
Catch an opp put an opp on a shirt
Catch an opp

I don't care about a cop
I be riding around with a Smitty
15 in the clip dead n***a try to spin
Bro pop off the with the glizzy

Pull up try to fight me
B*t*h I don't fight
But I shoot my left and the right
That's the left and the right you get left at the light

I was spinnin tryna chase some down

Either way you get hit n***as faces get flipped
N***as know ima lay some down

Pu**y n***as think about it
Real n***as be about it
Most these rappers rap about it they ain't really bout it
B*t*h im really bout it
N***as know I been about it
Ask about the last n***a try run down
They ain't make it to far up the 40 on еm
N***a f**k uptown

I don't care about a cop
Act up and a cop getting merc'd
Pull mе over I wait till he hop out his v
I step on the gas and I skirt

Now we going on a high speed chase
and I hop out the v
Hit a I might stash in the
Come back to my on feet

I was the opp block
We was driving my mom's v
F**k around spot me an opp
Might catch a smack out my mom's v

Now we gotta go OT
N***as crashed out on opp block
Cameras everywhere dees in the cut
We admit that a hot block

I ain't stashin no blick in the whip
F**k that
Rather keep my sh*t on my hip
Four boys be all on my d**k
Any moment might have to hop out and just dip

I could never put no trust in no b*t*h
F**k that hoe
Get on your knees eat a d**k

Never show a little b*t*h where I live
She might go run her lips
Get a drop to those kids

Sh*ts crazy

F**king Fredo whatcha wanna do
N***a whatcha wanna do
I got a gun you got a gun
F**k it n***a who you wanna shoot