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Dead Serious song lyrics are written by G-Mo Skee

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Selected song name: Dead Serious
Singer Name: G-Mo Skee
Lyrics written by: G-Mo Skee

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Im gunna' give you three seconds,Exactly three f**king seconds
To wipe that stupid looking grin off your face
Or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull f**k you!

Oh you think I'm a comedian Holmes?
And I won't sacrifice you at bohemian grove?
Strip down, streak in the robe run in traffic
And hara** the women with my weenie exposed
Then pull a fat Asian b*t*h out of her rice rocket
And shove a pair of chop sticks right in her eye sockets
Soon as I get tired of pleasing her
Bash her f**king head with a fire extinguisher
Went to the strip bar to get my d**k hard
Left with the f**king tip jar full of discharge
Still begging for a lap dance
Half man half horse looking like a mother f**king centaur
Spread syphilis to female feminists
I'm chillin' at the old folk's home gettin' intimate
I-Khan smell my finger, that's the senior citizens clitoris
Yeah I just got finished hitting it I'm dead serious

These n***as' think I'm spitting in vein
Like I'm saying this ridiculous sh*t to entertain

Keep thinking its a big a** joke
Til I slide through and leave your little b*t*h a** smoked

Mo f**kas' want to get it confused
Til they star on the god damn ten o' clock news

Its G-Mo and I-Khan Ho
You wanna' to step to this you better know Tae Kwon doe

Sick prick j*rkin' to a chick flick
Workin' on stickin' my brick d**k in a thick trick
I slipped this fat b*t*h lips on my wishlist
We never kissed so I p*ssed on the b*t*h lipstick
Saw the sl*t munchin' fish sticks at a picnic
Stuck a straw down her but and sucked her dip sh*t
Im the demon son, schemed to eat a lung
Get b*** naked j*rk off and speak in tongues
Not the practical type, I'm an actual trife
Radical hype with a tactical knife
Your wife, got to be a freaky sl*t to have sex with Man
I'll t**ty f**k a b*t*h while she gets breast implants
After I nut, I stabbed her in the chest and ran
To the nearest graveyard just to have sex again
I'm in a morgue doing p*** in a unicorn uniform
Went to church and switched back to human form