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Dearly Departed song lyrics are written by Chetta

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Selected song name: Dearly Departed
Singer Name: Chetta
Lyrics written by: Chetta

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Stop caring
Before they take it and start sharing
I'm not average
You b*t*hes acting but no one having
Been had it, you been folding
I'm not attracted
Can't stand it
I hope you hate me in every aspect
Fantastic, these f**king feelings
Will make you drastic
Kill the ma**es
I pull up on 'em and let 'em have it
Ain't it tragic
Been tap dancing around the panic
More xanax and more problems
I guess I'm happy
More time and more life
I guess I'm happy
More pride and more lies
I guess I'm happy
Day dreaming of Codeine-ing
Come rest in peace
They seem fine and sleep free
Come sleep on me

I don't wanna waste
Part of me displaced
I keep trying to change my ways
Been parting in different ways
I'm moving a different way
Been feeling some type of way
I don't wanna-