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Dope Boys (Remix) song lyrics are written by Greg Street

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Selected song name: Dope Boys (Remix)
Singer Name: Greg Street
Lyrics written by: Greg Street

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Another day as I step out the door
Right past the poor in clothes they can't afford
For this, I thank the Lord
Wish, that he will be bless me with a few more
Quick, cause working in a drought is a b*t*h
Switch, a female dog with no raw, rich
Is what I wanna get like gifts
But you need blow to get your birthday wish
Trip, and then you never snitch
You never tell a soul, not even a fish
Cause fish might fold, and run and tell the shrimp, ya dig?
And shrimp might run and tell the pigs
That you selling rides on the white horse right up out your crib
Bring the battering ram where you live
God, I really need a job, until I get a gig
I be giving work to the kids

Dope boys
Streets is calling you

And I be on the block all day
They block my pay then I Glock on face
Can't no Matlock lock me
Not likely, like Fei Long, please
I am Ryu-like to the fiend
And my hadouken is watch how I do them, see
Fire in the hand, supplier of the man
In the corner just laying by the store selling beers
Pa**ion in life he has lost
His dreams gone dry, that's why he on water
Something in his arm, he pushing more and more
He pushing cause he's low, to be higher with the Lord
I ride with the law
I'm here to make it better
I give him what I measure, and now the pain lessens
Enough to paint a picture, my true profession
Streets is calling square n***as leave a message

I ain't push no rocks in about nine months
I switched genres to the ganja
And I'm about to let go altogether
Trade in my white tee for a tie and a sweater
Life is a b*t*h so a G can't sweat her
But she sure can get you high if the coke let her
The straight life's like a sedative, everything's cool
No David Lettermans' acting a fool
Tryna run up on me late nights with the lights flashing
Nina on my femur is c*cked ready for action
Seldomly blasting I would stomp you without asking
If you didn't have the price I'm asking
And I'm the Bob Barker of the trap and field
I don't sprint just boost when I feel
Since the birth of my son, the street life losing appeal
Ghost in the hook so real