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Down by Law song lyrics are written by Boot Camp Clik

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Selected song name: Down by Law
Singer Name: Boot Camp Clik
Lyrics written by: Boot Camp Clik

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Hey yo hey hey hey hey hey
Tell your momma to put wholes in panties
Yo no funky rollin' allowed
Yo we know the rules fool
Jive turkeys over there on the west side
Come on oh-oh
Hey yo yo check this out

I go by the name of Mr Starang
Get back, gimme room, let me do my thing
Representin' from out the old school
Smoke straight from Queens and my n***a Cesspool

Young ladies
Young ladies
Young ladies in the house tonight
I go by the name of Smokey-lah
And I do just what i like

Yes yes, ya'll its movin' on and on
I be that Afro n***a by the name of Tall Sean
Ha, in the place to be
On my side is my man big R-O-C

Bum je-dab, I rock the show
My zodiac sign is Scorpio
Scorpio! We in the house ya'll
Check it out check it out ya'll

ST be a Sagittarius
And you know I'm very into tearin' sh*t
I'm about to let you represent
Yo, for my Boot Camp Clik and everybody

We come to see who in the party
This is how we do
Everyday, all day
Come on, come on yo yo

Hey yo throw your hands in the air
And wave 'em like ya just don't care
And if you make a lot of money
Got clean underwear
Somebody say, Oh yeah

And you don't stop
Yo we ain't finished man, lets continue on

One time for your mind, kid, I'm rollin' thick
It's Tony Touch comin' through with the Boot Camp Clik
Yeah suckers get the d**k
'Cause the word on the street is that they ain't got skills

I be the T-O-P D-O-G
Represent the reign outta OGC
Like this like that yeah yeah yeah

Yo what you hear is not a test
I do this sh*t with ease
I go by the name of the Big Cheese
And my sign is Pisces

I go by the name of the B-D-Buckshot
Here to rock the spot and show you what I got
Now let me see some hands way up in the air real quick
Cause you know B-D-Buck represent Boot Camp Clik
Now when I say I got the here 90-now solution
When I say Revo when I Revo you say Lution