Down For My Crown Lyrics

Cali Life Style Lyrics

Ay fool, give me a couple bucks!
Wha, couple bucks? T, you got a couple bucks
I got a couple bucks right here for you homie

Yeah, keep the change, foo

Once again it's the sh*t that you kick it with
I'm down for my crown, it's the Mexican clique
Coming at you much harder cos it's all about survival
Fools trying to jump crazy, but the can't fade me, cos the game is shady
Ain't no slipping when it comes to my game
I'll take what's mine and a little bit more, I puts it on my grave
It's either take or get tooken up in this business, my friend
And the Deluxe come and show when I'm making my ends
Hustle everyday and always keep it one step in front
But I don't, I lace back with some rum in my cup
Just a word to the wise, better watch your back when you cross on over into the West Side

we all love music