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Selected song name: Drive by Love
Singer Name: Griselda
Lyrics written by: Griselda

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Ayo, ayo

I'm 'bout to do a drive-by and you the driver
I'm 'bout to do a drive-by and you my driver

We ain't never gettin' caught, we goin' out guns blazin'
You can be my Liz Taylor, I'll be your Larry David
Ayo, Mickey on your Gucci , your moves move me
Let's make a movie
You d**k-suckin' while I'm holdin' my Uzi
You make my lap wet , you had my face wetter
You sucked my d**k, got her pu**y, I bet it taste better

I fell in love when you cooked that brick naked
I fell in love when you cooked that brick naked

I wanna lick every one of his tattoos
Sl*t me out, pu**y tastes like fresh fruit
Plum paradise, Ace of Spades sippin'
Sex drippin'

Ayo, you rubbed it counter-clockwise, you got that sh*t squirtin'
I got that grip on them thighs, you fit my d**k perfect
I don't even use no condom, me and you be mobbin'
You keep suckin' after I nutted, you a problem
You like to twerk on it, you got my whole d**k white
I f**k you from the back, that grip got that sh*t tight
You looked back, I spit in your face and smacked your a**
You called me Daddy West and I nutted, I'm 'bout to come right back