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Selected song name: Driveby Miss Daisy
Singer Name: Compton’s Most Wanted
Lyrics written by: Compton’s Most Wanted

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Picture a n***a on the warpath
And he'll spread terror through the city and leave a trail of blood baths
And to those that know, he's not a phony
But tonight he'll get his vengeance on the fool who killed his homey
Don't give a f**k, he'll take you smooth on out
Cause the hood is where its good is what its about
Geah. Don't wanna squabble, through down or even kick him
Just pull the f**king trigger cause to him your just a victim
Jumped in the car, ash traces of dub
Hit a couple of corners and pulls up at the bud
Spot where its hot. Yeah boy he knows it
But before he does the killing, he's got to get loaded
Throws up the set, then he bones out quick
Then he spits at a b*t*h just for riding his d**k
Now he's at the curb and yeah he gots the feeling
He tells his homey, "G lets get ready for the killing."
Little did he know Miss Daisy's in the kitchen
Standing cooking chicken, 9 started clicking
Ran up to the back of the house like relay races
Just like a train robbery, bandanas on their faces
He hears this f**king little voice in his brain
And its saying dont kill, we're all in the same gang
He tells it back, that ain't the gang I'm in
Because the gang I'm in is like in it to win
So he killed off the sucker right there he didn't stop
Ran through the rooms and went pop pop pop
The explanation for this, he must was crazy
I guess thats why he had to driveby miss daisy

Check out the high rolling, young balling, pimp mack daddy
Drive a 190E, ain't got no time for a caddy
He got snaps because he jacked a n***a
But he f**ked up smooth and didn't pull the trigger
Now theres a contract for your head on a platter
If theres somebody with you they'll kill them too it dont matter
Now you're laying low at your girlfriends crib
And you're thinking of the shiesty sh*t that you did
Now you got balls and you pull another jack
Another and another, your pockets on fat
Dont give a f**k if he spends time in jail
Just load up the 9 with the hollow point shells
So nows he's on a mission, to kill or be killed
Since somebody's got to do it and the shoes are to be filled
So now its 12 o'clock, and its time for a jack
Not even thinking it was time for payback
And yeah you spot a fool who'll get the rat pack
Rolling close behind while you blaze a 20 sack
He stops at a light on Elandra and Central
Jump the f**k out put the gun to the window, its kinda simple
But you know how it deal, and what the f**k was in store
It was the same punk who you tried to jack before
And he won't give up sh*t. Point blank hesitation
Innocent Miss Daisy at the Mobil gas station
His 9 went click, your 9 went clack
Miss Daisy tried to run but got a shell in her back
The explanation for this he must was crazy
I guess thats why he had to driveby Miss Daisy