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Due Me A Favor song lyrics are written by Estelle

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Selected song name: Due Me A Favor
Singer Name: Estelle
Lyrics written by: Estelle

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It's like speeding down the highway
With a blind fold on
No hands on the wheel
Hopin' God will lead me my way
And I know he real
So my grandma say what I
Feel a sweat from the sun
Cause I work construction
I gotta take care of my son
I got one in the oven on the way
Rents late, two months
Cause my land lord talks too much

Hands full of calises
And I still got the magic touch to make wifey blush
I been workin' it out since a high school crush
Foots on the clutch
Minds on my money
But my money ain't there
But I will not resort to welfare, I care!
Can't stop
Won't stop
Couldn't even do it if I tried
If I said I did I'd lie
Let's ride...

I need a favour tonight
More than heaven knows
I need a favour tonight...
Could God do me a favour?
I could really use a favour
Can I get it tonight?

Christmas here
I'm taking time and a half
Gotta make that cash
Even if a n***a gotta drive that cab
I'm gonna treat it like a limo
Didn't know? Y'better ask
Somebody told me
Closed mouths don't eat
Closed eyes may never ever see
So I try with everything I've got to not sleep
But it's hard to run if at first you don't creep
After work take the long way home
See a lotta whips dipped out in chrome
Thinkin about a house but I can't get a loan
So I day dream on my way back to my zone
Thinkin about my son look when he full grown
Will he be raised right or another street clone?
Everything I know God knows gotta shown
Letting know he is not alone
Keep on...

It's like I'm
Drownin' in a world of failure
I can't stop 'til my suits are tailored
I live I can't trust my neighbours
Only trust in they Lord and saviour
Gotta believe in the fact
That he must want better for us
Like young C gotta do it for us
My car broke down
F*** the bus
F*** the mayor
F*** the city, laws are unjust
It's like why do I try
When I feel I'm gonna die
Without a tear left in my eye?
I work the hardest see the least
It's like cultivating the harvest
Not seeing the feast
I don't wanna get philosophical go-to deep
I have faith but I'm afraid to take the leap
Most of what I know
I know holds me back
Instead of learning
I want that lack
Come on...

Some of my friends are terrorists
Some of my friends deal crack and I am not OK with this
Some n***as I know only back me because I rake dough like a gardner
F**k it I work harder
I don't like most hip hop out
There's a secret society of n***as who wanna shout
"turn that bullsh*t off!"
I should shut my mouth?
Nxt thing you know I ain't welcome down south of the border
I don't believe in turfs or a section
I believe in community
Where anybody can walk good without protection
I believe that Dilla was the numba one dude in rap
But there on the slaps of haikus
I spite you for not givin' it up
F**k what that n***a say, n***a give it up

Why black people act like little kids?
Make mad excuses when they know what it is?
Be like them white folks invest that sh*t!
Instead n***as is clownin' on the red carpet
Showing my neice that a million on the neck
Is the hot sh*t, is bloodclot disrespect!
And growin' up poor don't make you ignant
Act your age, don't act your pigment!
Race to the top
Don't let your race stop you
From revolution
Open your mouth and bust shots
Read books!

Young n***a say "hello,"
Screw faces an' f**k me, we know you spines jello
Spit what you been through
Spit what you know
And don't waste my time
F**k your demo
Ya heard?