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EMC Senatra freestyle song lyrics are written by EMC Senatra

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Selected song name: EMC Senatra freestyle
Singer Name: EMC Senatra
Lyrics written by: EMC Senatra

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I murdered all these rappers get an ambulance
Aiming for the top i got em scared cus im so accurate
Actually y'all be faking it
Talking but y'all just saying it
Me i'm from the city where we be setting it off
No plug we talk to the boss
Your body could end up lost
Somewhere over the river it all depends on the cost
Smoking i be workin it, o-dee until i overdose
Posted in the gutter, in the streets where you shouldn't go
Heard they selling yay but i can see they got it up their nose
I kiss my mother everyday because i might not make it home
Ak47 music, motherf**kers getting mad cus we the realist ones to do it
Free my family in the county cus i know they goin through it
Long live J-Rox, he's the reason why i do this
Let me welcome you to Sluason avenue
Where police don't help, they be hara**ing you
Smoking weed till i get by
My momma know i get high
I rep my sh*t, im on my tip until the day that i die
I drop you like geromino
Slam you like some dominos
And if you want the beef, i can smoke you like some an optimo
Real sh*t, i'm cold blooded
Heart made out of cement and i know the hoes love it
I'm pa**ing all my cla**es with my A+ gang
B*t*h you're the type to for donald trump so miss me with that lame sh*t
I live and die by the code
Young senatra coming at you till the day that i gone
And shout out to the people that be singing my songs
And one time for everybody that be that strong
A middle finger to whoever said i wouldn't make it
All these rappers claim they own the throne but imma take it
And they don't know what to expect, but prepare for greatness
The mixtape is about to drop, you can stop the waiting