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Selected song name: English Garden
Singer Name: Great Grandpa
Lyrics written by: Great Grandpa

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Sitting in an English garden, fold eyes along the line to see
Crazed enough to make you hungry, while soft along the contours of a dream
While you dream, all end scene

Tried to run these hands long this time
But lost it at the edges of the range
Wise enough to know the difference but not enough to make the subtle change
Softly strange
Ugly reins

Been waiting for this
The snow has melted from the ground
Silent stillness
Pa**ed it first without notice

I'd do anything to stop that feedback
Latched tightly to an orbit that careens
Across our merging dispositions, fold violent on the outskirts of a peace

Been waiting for this
Said you felt scared in your message
Silent stillness
Left on read and did the dishes

Been waiting for this
Euphoria impregnates perfect sadness
Ceaseless noises
Summer highland falls loops endlessly