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Selected song name: Eung Freestyle
Singer Name: GroovyRoom
Lyrics written by: GroovyRoom

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B-Big boy coming through K-God, what it do, I'm so f**king gone
C-Came to the game and I rise to the fame like the goddamn crack of dawn
K-King of the world, y'all motherf**kers just a bunch of little bitty lame a** pawns
I-I'm gonna be so big in Korea that you finna feel the Wrath of Khan
Okay wait a second I might of started too fast
My stamina is great, but I'm worried that you won't last
This beat could go forever and I'd always have some gas
But like Jimmy Neutron I gotta motherf**king blast
This is just the appetizer, y'all homies still learning
I'm cooking now I'm starting to resemble Stephen Curry
W-What am I doing?
Acting like one of those so sh*t, mumble a**, fake a**, wacked out rappers
I resent those fools with their no talent, beat fetish bullsh*t they don't matter
I don't f**k with the new school, too cool, f**k them, better off calling them actors
How the f**k you finna listen to that bullsh*t when I serve you gold on a motherf**king platter?
How the f**k you finna do it? What you doing?
Y'all are f**king clueless
I'ma f**king do this. I'ma f**king lose it
You swear too much, your music sucks, enough's enough
Your views are luck, you rhymes are rough, enough's enough
Well f**king f**k, guys now I know thank you so much
Excuse me while I torch every one of you f**ks
Friends that talk behind my back I f**king see you
Just because you hide doesn’t mean that you’re see through
If I wanted to feel like sh*t then I would be you
I may be crazy, but at least I’ll always be true
Okay I’m done with slow sh*t let’s get f**king violent
But first for all you f**kers a moment of silence…
G-G-Good God! Clutch time now, Kobe, Jordan, Lebron
Your mom we bonded ‘bout a night ago, she said she was alone
We boned, but then your dad came home, I know, I know, I know
Cover blown, d**k blown, his home, his woman
He walked in took out his d**k, said “let’s go.” I said, “whoa, whoa, man.”
To wrap it up your dad’s gay, your mom’s a slay, and you’re a f**king loser
This is a true f**king story, man this ain’t even about the f**king humour
And I know all y’all listening and thinking what even the f**k is this kid
I tell you who the f**k I am
I’m BooC*cky, f**k you and f**k this freestyle sh*t