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Selected song name: Fatigue (Energy Remix)
Singer Name: Getter
Lyrics written by: Getter

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F**kin a, f**kin a stage up
We wake up and bake up of rollin a straight blunt
A man of my word
I'm a man with a hand full of herb
Like I'm chillin' with Hannah and Herb
But it's PNW
Thats P.N.G
With a cheap degree
And an easy sl*t for two
Homies with GED's
It don't matter to me
I'm still gone' f**k with you
I'm up I'm comfortable
You start I'm done with you
Lookin' to my fifth track
Drinkin I'm whiplashed
Drinkin' til I'm feelin that I shouldn't even hit that
Gin in my gla** where the zip at?
I'm pickin it up for the low
Rippin the wrap up n' fill it with dro
Cigarette smoke in my face from these b*t*hes and bro's
And I really don't get it no more
Like open the window up, light up the bowl
As light as my soul is this blunt, so my eyes do get low
But don't hype it up when I'm as high as a hoe, DAMN

Aye, Systematic
Run Up On The Game
Like B*t*h
Ya Had It
Run Up and I Blaze
Like Get To Graphics
Blood Cover Stains And I Take
Step To Madness
Then I'm At It
We The Best When It Come To Rappin
Next One To Threat Gonna Catch My Back Fist
Don't Believe Me
Get Ta Packing
Betta Get Ta Packing Boy!