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Selected song name: FiLTHMAS 3: The Final Gift
Singer Name: G-Mo Skee
Lyrics written by: G-Mo Skee

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Yeah, YEAH

Say "goodbye" to Christmas
This is the last year you'll witness
Anything related to this sh*t
Pine trees, incense
The scent you smell from a distance
Rudolph the Red Nosed Dipsh*t
Jolly Saint Nicholas
I killed him and hijacked his shipment
Crashed into the mountains, survived, and went ballistic
I've been killing sh*t since
Causing pain and suffering to the public in an attempt to end this
Y'all don't understand
This is my sickness
Me and this holiday can not coexist
If I had a f**king gift list
I would put the whole world on it then beat everybody senseless
There is no friendship
I'll put a shotgun to you under a mistletoe, n***a give it a French kiss
Deadly new equipment
Tell 'em Santa's got something in his sack to disappoint the kids with

I must stop Christmas from coming!

Yeah, it's the end of the line
No more holidays for your kids, it's a crime
I'm a sick f**k out for revenge and it's time
Keep your a** home, b*t*h, Christmas is mine!

Say "goodbye" to Christmas
This is the last time you'll witness
The world turned materialistic
I have a bone to pick with
The sucker motherf**ker who invented this f**king holiday
It's gay and Paganistic
I hate it
And there's nothing you could do to fix it
It's probably because my mama didn't give me shiz-nit
I'm finna make an entrance
Santa's coming to town
But he's brown, don't be scared of his pigment
This sh*t is finna get thick
Boys, it's finna get intense, what I'm finna do is f**king cataclysmic
I'm finna get ignant
I'm finna blow this c*cksucking holiday off the calendar in an instant
I made the commitment
If I'm met with resistance
I'm hitting motherf**kers with a biscuit
You caused all the mischief
Because I wouldn't be doing it if y'all wasn't celebrating this sh*t

I must stop Christmas from coming!

Say "goodbye" to Christmas
This is the last time you'll witness
Anybody acts that religious
Catholics and Christians
Everything you do is contradicting
So you got me on the offensive
You n***as got it twisted
And I'm tired of seeing you trying to buy expensive sh*t at other people's expenses
It doesn't make a difference
Cause tonight, I'ma bring your worst f**king nightmares to fruition
The filth is on a mission
You'll be missing limbs in intensive care with no appendix
I'm p*ssed and relentless
It's not safe
I'm a misfit
Stay inside the house that you live in
Unless you want to get hit
And get your motherf**king wig split
I'm sick of this f**king capitalistic, sadistic, piece of sh*t, holiday fiction
But I'ma end this when they open the final gift, b*t*h!