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Filthy song lyrics are written by Elysia

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Selected song name: Filthy
Singer Name: Elysia
Lyrics written by: Elysia

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For every child touched by her sacred tongue
For every orgasm that's reached my ears
For every night children lay to dream of her lust
F**k her to death
That f**king b*t*h is gonna pay
She's heartless - she's empty - she's hollow
I shoved a vacuum through her c**t but nothing came out
She can crawl into my bed but she can never crawl into my heart
I'll be the last thing she sees before she dies
Using a gun to stimulate her clit
She's crying but I simply will not quit
I pulled the trigger as her moans grew bigger
I stared into her pretty eyes as I cut

As i tear at her flesh and rip that f**king sl*t

Tear at her flesh, rip that f**king sl*t

Rest in peace that f**king sl*t
Bury her 6 feet closer to hell
F**k her to the grave

Dig a ditch and bury the b*t*h